Powerful Prayers
Priestly Intercession
~Powerful Prayers~

Do you wish you could walk in everything you have ever heard from God but were never able to realistically incorporate it into your practical, everyday life? This book will help. Believers need a manual that not only covers a wide spectrum of prayer but also delves into the core issues of spirituality and the revelation of Christ. We need a reference we can always go back to when we get off base or dry. The Lord told me to write this book so that we can walk anew in the fruits and the gifts of the Holy Spirit by simply believing and praying through these petitions with fervency.

What I believe the Lord has given us through this work are prayers birthed by the Holy Spirit to enable and equip us for holiness, maturity, and the battles which lie ahead. These are not “formula prayers,” but they are to be adapted according to your specific needs. You will find previously unrevealed keys to prayer that will draw you into a new realm of spirituality opening doors of passage to a more powerful and fulfilling walk with our mutual majestic friend, Jesus Christ. In the summer of 2009 I had a dream which showed me that most believers cannot fulfill their purpose in God because they have “missing links” in their lives. These impartations and activations will help us discover those links we have randomly skipped over, so that now we can grasp the perfect will of God for our lives, whereby we can enter into the promised land once again.

Some of you will pray these prayers and nothing will happen. Others will pray these prayers and will instantly walk in new power and authority from day one. Therefore you should pray God will “open the book” to receive its fullness-and you won’t be disappointed! Psalm 2:8 says, “Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance.” Yes this was a message for Christ however the decree is also extended to us—God wants us to ask for our inheritance.
This is also a great resource for pastors to quote during or after a message from the pulpit, and I give you permission to do so freely. We need a good word but we also need a good prayer to empower the word. I especially recommend the chapter, Activation of the Word of God for this purpose. Many a pastor shares my frustration, “If only they could take hold of my messages, we would be a cutting-edge church!” Some messages should be burned and imprinted in our minds like a firebrand from heaven. All words from God should be sealed with the precious blood of Jesus so the seed won’t be stolen away. When prayed with fervency, these petitions will activate faith and the love of God and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to live for Him and fulfill our destinies in Him. May God bless you as read and receive these powerful prayers from heaven.

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